Actions and prospects for parity

The issue of gender equality is a key one that continues to fuel debate in society.
CAPSE has taken up the issue to provide us with the insight we need to understand parity in the governance of companies in the social economy.

This approach will encourage the public to think about how to change attitudes and practices to promote equality between men and women in our societies.

Following the mobility event in Madrid, Francesca Petrella and Nadine Richez-Battesti presented the initial results of their work on 24 May at the RIUESS meetings. The study takes stock of the practices of SSE organisations in the three countries, based on the 41 respondents to the questionnaire worked on by Science Po Bordeaux (see the results here).

In the same vein, CAPSE is planning its next stop on 12 and 13 June 2024 at the Congress marking the 10th anniversary of the SSE Act.
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