The experts taking part in the mobility event

All the partners in the CAPSE project are currently preparing for the annual mobility event on 23 April 2024.

This consortium of experts will bring together academics, teaching professionals and activists specialising in gender equality. They will be working on our first educational content on parity in SSE governance bodies.

A few words about the experts:


  • Sandra Pintor – Consultant and management advisor for equality, pay and diversity audits and registers at Egaleco Lab, and is one of the leading women in the social economy at the Spanish Ministry of Labour.
  • Beatriz Mingueles – Member of the Board of Directors of OWEN (Unión de Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado de Castilla y León), engineer and equality adviser at the NovaDelta cooperative.
  • Carmen Aja Ruiz – Associate lawyer in labour law and conflict resolution from a gender perspective and director of AERESS (Asociación Española de Recuperadores de Economía social y solidaria).


  • Patricia Cardon – Director of the Support Department at Crédal. On the theme of gender, she has collaborated on the “Gender in the social economy” project, which includes, on the one hand, the coordination of the study “Gender – the blind spot of the social economy” and, on the other, the production of a toolkit for support workers. She is also in charge of the “Gender-It!” programme, which provides support and training for women entrepreneurs in Brussels.
  • Zoé Marlier – Doctoral student at HEC’s Centre d’Economie Sociale at the University of Liège. She completed her master’s degree in social transitions and innovations. Her master’s thesis focused on gender parity on the boards of social economy cooperatives. Zoé Marlier is the 2024 winner of the HERA Award Sustainable Economy/Social Economy (HERA – Higher Education & Research Awards).
  • Ophélie Lababsa – Director of EkoServices, the leading operator specialising in the provision of local services in Wallonia and Brussels. EkoServices has 21 home help agencies. Ophélie Lababsa is also a member of the board of the InitiativES federation, which represents integration companies, employment development initiatives in the local social services sector and social economy initiatives.


  • Catherine Bodet – After a doctorate in labour economics, she turned to the development of participatory evaluation tools (CSR, discrimination, professional equality, etc.). This was followed by a wealth of experience with Coopaname and then Manufacture coopérative. She is interested in the cross-fertilisation between research and the field, particularly on the themes of work, gender and the democratic organisation of production. To this end, she directed the action-research project “Fabriquer l’égalité” and coordinated the resulting brochure and book.
  • Mélanie Thuillier – Having worked for several years in the construction industry as a QSE manager, Mélanie Thuillier joined CRESS Nouvelle-Aquitaine, first as coordinator, then as co-director in 2017. Her experience in the field has enabled her to develop a particularly detailed knowledge of networks and innovative governance within SSE organisations.
  • Timothée Duverger – Research engineer at Sciences Po Bordeaux, in charge of SSE and sustainable development, and associate researcher at the Centre Emile Durkheim. He is director of the Territoires de l’économie sociale et solidaire Chair, the Master’s in Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation and the Executive Master’s in Strategies, Territories and Innovative Projects in the SSE.

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