What are the practices in terms of gender equality in the governing bodies of SSE networks? Take a few minutes to contribute to the survey!

The search for greater parity in governance bodies is a persistent issue within organisations. It’s a question of representing women, setting an example to ensure that values and practices go hand in hand, and making the SSE more attractive. This is why the CAPSE project aims to raise awareness and improve the practices of SSE organisations in terms of women’s access to governance bodies.

As part of this, the project partners are launching a survey to take stock of the situation in SSE networks and federations:

  • What is your situation in terms of parity in your governing bodies?
  • Have you taken action on gender equality?
  • What obstacles and levers have you identified to improve parity in your organisation?

Are you part of a SSE network or federation? Take part in this survey so that this project can respond as closely as possible to the needs of your organisation on one of the crucial issues of gender equality.

Click here to access the form

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